Best Online Schools for 3D Animation and Character Design

Best Online Schools for 3D Animation and Character Design


AnimSchool offers a wide array of animation, character modeling and other 3D specialty training. What sets AnimSchool apart is their attention to quality courses, they focus on thoroughly preparing all of their students of the fun but challenging world of 3D animation and character modeling. In fact, most of their teaching staff has worked with industry giants such as Marvel, Disney, Illumination and 20th Century Fox. Their courses are set up in a way that is easy to prepare for and plan for financially.

AnimSchool main areas of education:

The 3D Animation Track is good for students who wish to become industry professionals in the field of animation. The program consists of 7 courses each 11 weeks in length. This time is well spent learning fundamentals and gradually scaling up into more advanced coursework. The student work from AnimSchool is polished and professional.

The 3D Character Track is perfect for students that wish to embark on the path of character design and the rigging of models. The program consists of 7 courses each 11 weeks in length. Students focus on modeling and rigging. In classes 4-7, AnimSchool’s 3D Character Program, 3D Character students will start to focus more specifically on their area of interest, selecting 2-5 electives covering the technical tools side of rigging, or they can choose the path of sculpting and facial expression modeling, Environments, Materials and Texturing, or Advanced Scene Lighting. The 3D Character Track is perfect for those who would like to work in the video game industry and those that seek to become 3D generalists.

Is AnimSchool a Good School?

Simply put yes AnimSchool is a good school, the overall student satisfaction and the value provided for the money is great. Just remember that the fields of animation and character design are very difficult to break into unless you are passionate about the process. This coursework requires lots of dedication and self-management, but the coursework and instructors are very well paced and relatively easy to stick with.

Is AnimSchool an Accredited School?

AccreditationAnimSchool is now officially accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), this accreditation occurred on 2/1/2020. While AnimSchool is an accredited school, you should not expect AnimSchool class credits to transfer to other schools.

Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor is similar to AnimSchool in many ways, it’s regarded as one of the best 3D animation schools online. Animation Mentor was founded in 2005. Enrolled students learn directly from working industry professionals, students receive one on one mentorship to prepare for a successful career in the Animation Industry. Animation Mentor students learn all about real-world production pipelines and best practices. Animation Mentor has an alumni community of over 5,000 students in over 105 countries, currently working in major studios like Pixar, DreamWorks, Industrial Light & Magic, Laika, WETA and more.

Animation Mentor is more suited for those looking for a workshop type of experience with many of their courses offered in an a la carte style. This allows students to learn and explore different facets of animation and rigging at their own pace.

The animation programs at Animation Mentor are very robust but they don’t have a large 3D character modeling course set. This is a great school for those wanting to expand and build upon their pre-existing animation skills.

Is Animation Mentor is a Good School?

Yes, Animation Mentor is a good school, however the pricing is very high when compared to other options with each course currently costing $2,499. The workshops they offer are quite good and priced more reasonably with prices ranging from $699-$899

Is AnimSchool an Accredited School?

No, Animation Mentor is not federally accredited. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad though, many movie and game studios don’t care if the school you went was accredited as long as you have a polished portfolio and can demonstrate that you have the skills necessary to work in the field you’re applying for.